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Redthreaded is a corsetry business specializing in high quality historically inspired corsets, patterns, and corset kits, owned and managed by Cynthia Settje in Longmont, Colorado. These are not your average Halloween or mass produced corsets, these are truly investment pieces. Each piece is researched extensively to bring you the accurate silhouette of the period. This historical knowledge base is blended with theatrical costume training to bring you quality garments which will last through the ages and make you feel beautiful each time you wear them. All of our corsets are handmade by our team in Colorado. 

Redthreaded corset patterns are popular with historical costumers, educators, and cosplayers. These patterns are our own drafts based on historical diagrams and extant corsets. The sewing instructions are a blend of historical and theatrical machine-sewn techniques. 

While we specifically focus on corsetry and patterns now, before 2020 we also worked on larger scale costume contracts for theatrical productions. Our clients have included Broadway and off-Broadway shows, TV, fashion, Regional Theatres, and Universities. You may have seen some of our prior costume work on stage or screen!