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Short Stories and Novellas

Corners that cling to shadows in full light. Toys that harbour murderous intent. Songs that hold meaning beyond their lyrics. Hooks and twists that leave you jumping at laughter, uncertain. Step into my worlds...


I love words. I always have. I remember being five years old at Christmas and my parents gave me a crazy set of "Children's Classics." Black Beauty, Water Babies, The Man in the Iron Mask. I couldn't read any of them, but the potential was heady. By 8th grade, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I had landed in honour's english class, which was all about words. I learned about Shakespeare and wrote my own Greek myth. And I never looked back.

If you allow me, I'll share that love with you, in ways you may not have explored before. We'll go on journeys into dark, forbidden places. We'll sigh and smile and turn the page and hold our breaths. I promise to bring you safely home.