Kamal Imani

I became a relationship coach when several of my close friends and family members all of a sudden started filing for divorce when once upon a time they had seemed so happy. My wife and I had been married for over 23 years and we dated for about 2 years before that. We had our close calls and ups and downs but with the help of friends, faith and mentors we were able to weather the storms and actuall feel like we were growing together in this thing called life. 

I decided to share my experiences with my friends and family as well as the world by putting some basic ideas into this book which is quantitatively small, but qualitatively large. It serves as a conversation piece with various talking points which can be used by a couple or a group of people to share thoughts on the various topics of self-examination, faith, sex, money, communication and more!

Relationship Coach, Married over 25 years, Author of the book "Let's Bring Back the Butterflies", Actor, Life Coach, Internationally Renowned spoken word performance artists, motivational speaker, actor, TV Host, film producer, marketer, mentor. Kamal has toured and inspired people via major colleges and arenas throughout the US.