Rev. Lynn Walker

I’ve communicated with my Spirit Guides since childhood. I can hear them, sense them, and see them. I never questioned their existence and because I’m open, I’ve experienced different phenomena. That makes me ‘strange’ in the eyes of some that are amused, and ‘crazy’ according to the opinions of those threatened. Spirit Guides tell it like it is without ego manipulations. I always value their input especially when they give me insight into our evolvement. When I was young, I thought everyone could at least hear their Guides until my mother told me to stop telling things that I heard. I realized when I got older that she was trying to protect me, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to her. All people have communicated with their Spirit Guides – without exception. Most don’t realize when they have. Since my early teens I studied many metaphysical topics including astrology, the Natural Laws, vibrational energy, spiritual anatomy, and channeling under various teachers living and in the spirit world. A Reiki Master since 1988, I also hold a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and an MBA. Ordained in 2003 after seven years of study and an additional 10 years of personal growth, I started The Light of Our Being to answer my calling to help others on the path. I realize my books and classes aren’t for everyone but regardless, these works now need to be made public. The era of withholding spiritual knowledge is over. When I began to realize that science is currently verifying ancient metaphysical teachings, my goal has been to bring the two together as I teach so that people can understand their reality and harness their own true potential. I don't want to be anyone's guru. I just want to pass on valuable information from several Spirit Guides.