Ally Learmonth

I have been training and working German Shorthaired pointers since I was 11 when I gained my first pup. I have trained my dogs to meet my needs both in commercial hunting requirements here in the UK and competition in Field Trials and Working Tests. My dogs have gained awards over the years but I stopped competing in 1992. I have since returned with my new trainee's and gained awards in 2014 season for Pointing Tests, Working Tests and Field Trials (Novice). I will be progressing my current dogs in the forth coming season where two of my dogs will be competing and the third being trained for the following year. I hope through my book to supply the novice trainer a different view on training an HPR and I add remedies to common issues that occur across the breeds. Though I train GSP my training will suit any of the HPR breeds and other than pointing will suit other gundog breeds as well.