Robert David Duncan

My core training in acting is from the Stella Adler Studio in New York, and my acting experience includes film, TV and stage. I love acting and filmmaking and Vancouver where I now live is a beautiful place to make films. I am interested in the dramas, delights, passions and heartbreaks that take place in everyday interactions (or lack thereof) between ordinary people. Most of my films have dealt with human-scale issues such as tough choices, love, dreams, hope and finding meaning and fun in life. I love an underdog story! My motto is don't let anything get in the way of telling a story that might uplift someone - film it with your smartphone if that's what you have, but get it done and share it with the world. For more information about me and my acting and filmmaking, please feel free to check out my IMDb page at I have written several other books on business and creative themes, including “Micro Short Filmmaking: A guided learning journey.”