Roo I MacLeod

Roo I MacLeod was born in a bush hospital in Australia on a hot, humid day and fought three doctors, two midwives and the utility type person against his entry into the world (his mother's words).
School was a bore and work a chore (his words), so he traveled. Australia by Beetle, Tasmania by bike, Europe by train and Africa by bus. The holiday ended in England when he met an English rose: With hidden thorns (his words).
No More Heroes was conceived in a quaint English church when he took shelter from rain and doubled the mourners for a funeral. He was invited to pray and sing a few tunes and chuck dirt at the coffin.
He now lives in a squat in West Sussex and is barred from two of the five pubs in town and vows to antagonize the remaining three pub landlords by the end of the year.
He has two children from a previous unsuccessful attempt to cohabit.