Julia Pemberton

Julia is a native Russian speaker and a professional Russian language teacher with over 10 years teaching experience. She currently teaches at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, UK. Her private students are based in the UK, Europe and China and she has coached them for their work for such companies as Tesla Motors, Sky News and Reuters, The Economist, Morgan Stanley, Commerzbank, Doctors Without Borders, VivaKi and others. Julia has taught many students of all levels face-to-face and online and prepared them for different types of exams in Russian. She has also created a successful online video course in “Russian for Beginners” with over a thousand existing students.
She graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a BA in Russian and English Linguistics, specialising in Interpreting and Translation, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics and Bilingualism.
With her keen personal interest and passion for languages she is able to anticipate and understand potential difficulties that are often experienced by students during the learning process. This understanding, coupled with her vast experience of teaching Russian, has led her to create her first textbook. "Advanced Russian through Media" has been inspired by the experiences and feedback of Julia’s advanced students, who, at times, struggled to find appropriate contemporary study materials for their level, and have keenly welcomed this resource.