Ahmed Ruwaiz

A Son, Brother, recovering hypocrite, part optimist, part pessimist, Earth Horse ’78, ex girlfriend, best friend, full time enthusiast, part time conspiracy theorist, writer, free thinker, incorrigible dreamer, CEO, qualified marketer, failed weight watcher, Paddy open water diver and one time back packer who hopes never to experience the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. The 5 things I can't live without; love, mindless tv, wanton boredom, pasta & change On my Mac, you'll find: 17 years worth of brand strategies that have influenced change, inspired conversation, created culture and one or two that did squat. if you dive into my PC you’ll find campaigns that got people talking, got people thinking, got people laughing, won awards, got criticized and one or two that I like to label ‘what was I thinking!’