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Less Stress In '23 Coaching Programme

Sharon J Crabbe

Sharon’s varied background includes working in sales and advertising to hospitality and education, both here in the UK and abroad. Her fearless spirit and love of travel opened doors to many exciting adventures. Now a professional coach and trainer, she brings the depth and range of her experience to her work, and a continued love of learning and personal growth.


A common thread running throughout her life is her love of horses, 


 “To be absolutely honest, in the beginning it was all about my love of horses, I was much more interested in helping horses than I was in helping people. But I soon realised that the best way to get horses a better deal in this life, was to help people become better versions of themselves. The real insight came when I realised that I had to start with me! So began my exploration into personal development.”


Sharon’s love for learning and personal growth led her to an understanding of our true nature that changed her life completely. She is passionate about helping people wake up to their innate wellbeing, so they can live fully with more peace of mind, inner freedom, and a deeper experience of love in their hearts.


Sharon lives with husband Jim, 2 Border Terriers, and her horses in Wiltshire, UK. She loves to ride or hike, explore the countryside, read, watch films, eat great food and spend time with friends and family, particularly her gorgeous grandsons. You might also find her planning her next adventure.