SMoncriffe Consulting

Sharoen Bedford Moncriffe, is the CEO and Founder of SMoncriffe Consulting Services, the COO of Southern Press Printing & Signs, founder and publisher of The Non Profit Resource Guide and Inspired By You online magazines. She is the wife of 20 years to Errol Moncriffe, the mother of  two and the grandmother of four.

Mrs. Moncriffe has been active in the non profit community for more than 15 years as a professional, a volunteer and serving on various boards. She has extensive experience providing consultant service and training to non profits in the areas of recruiting and managing board members and volunteers., guidance of fundraising and marketing. Her assignments has been with start-up non profits, small and volunteer—run non profit organizations.

Prior to starting her consulting business, Mrs. Moncriffe has worked independently providing marketing, networking and social media to her business clients. She Is currently serving on the board of directors for Central Care Integrated Community Health Care, where she holds the positions of Board Secretary and Fundraising Chairman.

Mrs. Moncriffe served as Secretary of Operations for more than five years working closely with the pastors of True Unveiling Christian Center in the ministry development. Additional clients would consist of All Peoples’ Funeral Home, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Fefie’s Holistic Integrated Wellness Care, Health Education Consultants and Woman 2 Woman Networking.