Shante Randolph Enterprises

She is a Master Barber. Shante was one of the commercial auditions being observed in American Idol on season 6 (2004). Elected student body president of Hopkinsville Community College for the 2006-2007 school year. Served her full term before transferring to WKU, but in the process of doing so, Randolph has been names the Who's Who of Community Colleges Nationwide; Focus 21st Century Minority Leadership, Randolph also helped Initiate Black History Month Gala: Tastes of Cultures while serving on the Board of Directors- Hopkinsville Community College, Human Relations Commission Board . Randolph, said that she had strong mentors who impacted her life and helped cultivate her from obscurity to excellence. Her mentors whom she gives credit for impacting her life HCC -Idalia Luna , Roland Bulter; Aron & Victoria Pettus; Greg Marble Chris Testerman; Dr. Vernell Larkins; Don Hoover(History) Dr. Jason Warren; Tracey Folden ; Pat Hinton; Pat Riley; Mr. Carlisle ; Joyce Boren, who made it possible for Randolph to intern with Tuwanda Coleman Shaw producer of " Talk of the Town" at New channel 5 HD television, in Nashville,Tn in 2007. Randolph transferred to Western Kentucky University majoring in Communications & Political. Randolph also got involved several in Leadership organizations naming one Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority serving as a Executive Board , Parliamentarian appointed by President serving communities with more people, who have aided Randolph, like Chiara Hurt who chose Randolph's name Sig Ziglar: The Motivator. Randolph continued to serve with March of Dimes, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society. In 2014, Shante aided champion Christina Goree, 1st female barber to win "Big clipper tournament" at Bronner Brothers hair show in Atlanta, GA.