Scott Engel

I am a photographer, artist, author, and tech enthusiast from Milwaukee, WI.  My photography can be seen on various web sites from the BBC to New Scientist Magazine to The New York Daily News.  I have also shot for the Associated Press and had my work featured on an episode of The Colbert Report.

I piloted an iPad Based Enrichment program for Apes at the Milwaukee County Zoo. That program had many successes, one of them was the emergence of the zoo’s male orangutan, Tommy.  

I also teach Photoshop, Lightroom, and other creative software to photographers and other creative professionals.

My book, A Gorilla’s Wish, is the short story of a young zoo gorilla named Gordon, who oversleeps and has misplaced his family. To find them, he enlists the help of a Wise Old orangutan.  Gordon learns about family from the Wise Old orangutan.  The book is a labor of love and a very personal story for me and  I hope you enjoy it.