Peter Tennenbaum

I’m the youngest son of a Stanley Tennenbaum, a famous mathematician and logician (now deceased). He was the closest person to Prof. Kurt Gödel during Gödel's last ten years. Gödel was the closest person to Einstein during Einstein's last years. Gödel obtained spectacular results in mathematics AND physics. Both Einstein and Gödel were Permanent Members of The Institute for Advanced Study (aka “The Institute”) in Princeton, NJ, home to many of greatest scientists of the last century. My father was a Visiting Member of The Institute in 1967 but stayed there and/or "was around” for at least one third of his life starting in 1967 up until his sudden death in 2005. My father's association with Gödel was common knowledge to top scientists around the world as Gödel shied away others; he shared a common philosophical viewpoint with my father and the two often spoke every night during key periods. Via my father other top scientists—including world famous ones—got to meet Gödel as Gödel trusted my father and had an extremely high opinion his work and capabilities, writing, in one of many letters of recommendation that, “Tennenbaum has the rare gift of originality.” This is in my bio because my basic education consisted in conversing with famous scientists, including many Nobel Prize Winners such as John Nash, Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe—who headed the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos. I met and knew many Field's Medalists including Alexander Grothendieck and Paul Cohen; Cohen used to live in our house in Chicago. This series of books, provides a deep view into the world of Science at its highest levels and I also provide also present original work and interesting stories, about Sex, Drugs, and Rocket Science. The first two volumes are being released simultaneously; many more will follow.