Simon Leigh

SIMON LEIGH'S BIO I’m a former university professor, writing full-time in Toronto. From Melbourne, Australia, I was educated way beyond my intelligence at Sydney University, Oxford and the University of New Brunswick. Thirteen years at universities ended in a construction job digging drains, then thirteen years as a racing driver ended in a concrete wall at Mosport. Now I write, play tennis, ski, play valve trombone in three jazz bands, and try hard to spot the songbirds my wife keeps pointing at. My poems and stories have appeared in four countries, The Fiddlehead; the Antigonish Review; etc. and four anthologies. My three poetry books are The Bleeding Clock, Dying Flowers and Short Strokes. My novel Wild Women: a memoir with six lies was published by UKAPress, 2005 with a new edition in 2007. Let Me Dance (2016) the sequel to Wild Women is now an eBook on Amazon, Smashwords, PayHip etc. 2020: The Culling is a Strangelovian account of a topic so grim that I’ve had to make it funny