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Musical Activities - Slow Snails and Busy Bees
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Download Piccolo's Musical Activities for 'Slow Snails and Busy Bees'. There's so many fun ways you can sing this song! How about as a Knee bouncer? Or with Puppets? Or have a go at Piccolo's 'Sing and Draw' activity! You can find Piccolo's ideas for getting the most fun out of this track in these musical activity sheets!

About the Song:

'Slow Snails and Busy Bees' is a fun, versatile song that can be sung in many different ways. There is particular emphasis on slow and fast movements. It's a great song for puppets, hand rhymes and knee bouncers. 

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Hi, I'm Abi.

Growing strong over two decades, Piccolo started by running live baby and toddler music classes and school workshops which encouraged children and adults to play and learn while singing. 

We soon created our own style of singing and I continue to love to write new songs and put my own stamp on traditional rhymes.

I believe that if the adults are enjoying themselves, so will the children. This leads to a new sense of individuality and a discovery of their own voices.

Under the artist name, Piccolo Music, my songs are sung worldwide, sharing the magical aura around singing throughout Europe and beyond to the USA, Africa and Singapore, just to name a few. 

Since World Nursery rhyme Week started , we have been the official Music partner, providing downloads and resources and I continue to work towards to relaying my vision for people to rediscover the magic of spontaneity, creativity, imagination and togetherness through singing and play, impacting as many lives as I can all over the globe.