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About Me

Are you the kind of person who wants everything to be PERFECT BEFORE launching your very own business? If the answers is YES, I completely understand. (I have been there myself!)

I really know how you are:

👎 STRUGGLING to get going
👎 NOT BEING ABLE TO HELP your wonderful clients because you are faffing about making everything look pretty.
       You are not alone.

Too many coaches, consultants and B2B/B2C service providers are tempted by shiny things they just DON'T NEED when they set up like:

X Fully designed branding
X Beautiful logo
X Website with full SEO to get you on the 1st page of Google
X Blog
X Posting on EVERY social platform
X Paid AdsThese are all costs - in time and in money! You don't want to drain your bank balance (or get into debt) before you even start, do you? NO THANK YOU...and the scandalous thing is no one tells you that you don't need ANY of these when you launch your business or new service.

Hi, I am Rachel Bentley and I am the Small Business Marketing Coach. I am PASSIONATE about helping other professionals, those who are DESPERATE to turn entrepreneur, to get their service based business idea off the ground fast and easy. I've made it my MISSION to mentor individuals to get their ideas for service based businesses launched and tested by real clients, out in the big wide world...because only then do you know if it will fly.  It's awesome that you are here and I can't wait to get to know you - keep in touch!