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Sovereign Tantric Sexual Energy Program

Your Sexual Energy, Your Choices, Your Consciousness and Freedom!

Practical Results

Knowing you have Choice of what to do with your sexual energy is alone a revelation for most of us. Operating on auto pilot with regard to our sexual encounters and the use of sexual energy can lead to many distortions within the experience of our body and life force. This program with over 35 instructional videos will help with Porn Addiction, Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, low libedo, feelings of disconnect from one's body, and cheating in relationships. In addition it will help in fortifying relationship bonds, clear mental fog, strengthen the body and nervous system, and enhance one's experience of life.

Working with Sexual Energy is Spiritual

Sexual Energy is a foundational aspect of our overall energy system. Whether it's called Prana, Chi or Spirit it's all the very same life force which is responsible for every aspect of what it is to be human and alive. It is because sexual energy resonates so deeply at the core of our being that working with this legendary force can lead to life changing experiences and a sense of connection which transcends beyond the bedroom.

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Sovereign Tantric