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Sovereign Tantric Sexual Energy Program

Your Sexual Energy, Your Choices, Your Consciousness and Freedom!

Practical Results

Knowing you have Choice of what to do with your sexual energy is alone a revelation for most of us. This program will change not only your relationship with your body and sexual energy but also how you engage your partners sexually. Your partner and you will experience orgasms which can be felt all over your body and not just in the genitals. This reset of your sexual energy will reverberate throughout your life by providing foundational discipline that will completely strengthen who you are as a Human Being.

Working with Sexual Energy is Spiritual

Sexual Energy is a foundational aspect of our overall energy system. Whether it's called Prana, Chi or Spirit it's all the very same life force which is responsible for every aspect of what it is to be human and alive. Working with this powerful force will aid in the activation of your higher awareness centers and lead to tremendous meditative depths.

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Sovereign Tantric