Stace Barron

​Stace Barron attended Loyola University in Chicago and did post-graduate work at the University of Illinois in the medical arts. In the 1980s he had a nondual-based spiritually transformative event, and as a result to his surprise he became able to discern the hidden architecture of the human emotional body and then dedicated his life to exploring its unexpected link to a far more mature spirituality.
Barron is the inceptor of the evolutionary paradigm Edenity and is a medical intuitive, spiritual educator, lecturer, healer, and author of seven self-published books & a theatrical play. With his spouse Brie Ehret Barron, M.A., artist, certified Family Constellation Practitioner, Emotospiritual Facilitator, and Avraprana Healer, they are available singly or together for individual work, readings, healings, classes, speaking engagments, seminars, or retreats that can be a topic-tailored by request.