Stacy Hawkins Adams - Author. Writing Coach. Journalist/Blogger.

Stacy Hawkins Adams is an award-winning author, journalist and writing coach who loves to inform, entertain and inspire readers through the written word. She has a gift for weaving tales in both the fiction and nonfiction genres, and in both faith-based and secular markets, that help readers thrive and grow confident in their own stories.

She has penned 10 books - nine women's fiction novels and one nonfiction devotional book. Her fiction features themes related to personal growth, self-esteem, matters of faith, forgiveness, friendships and family, and some of the books have been featured reading selections in high school and college courses. 

In addition to penning books, Stacy maintains a blog called Life Untapped, through which she encourages women to recognize and embrace their relevance. She also provides guidance to aspiring authors through her Focused Writers Membership Community, and by occasionally leading writing workshops and teaching at writers conferences in Richmond and around the nation.