Steve Celebrates

Author, Social Media Strategist, Developer, Entrepreneur, Song Writer and Motivational Speaker

Originally from Nairobi Kenya, born and Raised in Nairobi Kenya. In college, I studied Computer Science and Technology having spent most of my years in Kenya, with my stay share divided between the countryside when I was in high school and Nairobi during my childhood and college life. This unlocked a passion for travel, writing, and making a difference through writing.

I’ve been in the digital space helping launch projects like PerfectPics, weight watchers Kenya, Atian Interiors and presently Alladin World of Brands which aims to provide the Kenyan population with new affordable clothing. I’ve written two books so far “How she did it; A son’s confession” and “Quit worrying if you can’t change it”. I’m also a speaker, a songwriter, and a digital marketing consultant.