Johan Svartholm

Hi For my hole life i have always been interested in homes and what makes a home perfect. A home that just fits your need, stimulates your mind and make you wanna spend your vacation at home. I love to travel though but for me a good grade of the building your're going to live in is when you never longing for leaving your home for anywhere else. I was born the year of 1973 so its for you to calculate the year I was born. I'm starting to reach the age where I'm actually capable of sharing something valuable to other people. And what I am going to share is my experiences and knowledge about to build, extend and renovate other houses. Today I'm living with my son(born 2011) and my girlfriend in the city of Gothenburg. On holidays we spend time in our house in Vlasic(Bosnian alps) and in our apartment on the Island of Ĺ olta in the adriatic sea. O boy those places really pleases you. Please enjoy the e-books in my shop.