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[SCRIPT⊧] Jet Wash, Dirty Cars, and Polished Cars


[SCRIPT⊧] Restraints System


[SCRIPT] Camera Focus


[SCRIPT] Vehicle Realism


[MODEL] MTA:SA/SA-MP/GTA:SA Clean Double Garage


[SCRIPT⊧] Roleplay Smartphone V2.0


[MAP&MODEL;] Downtown Hospital Parking


[MAP&MODEL;] Blueberry Garage


[SCRIPT⊧] Marijuana Farming RP Addon


[SCRIPT⊧] MTA:SA 4-Post Vehicle Lifts

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[SCRIPT] MTA:SA Skatepark BMX Script


[SCRIPT] MTA:SA Window Tints


[MODEL] MTA:SA/SA-MP/GTA:SA Small Home Garage Interior


About Me

Hi, and welcome to my PayHip store.

Here you will find any publicized and paid for content I have created for GTA:SA/MTA:SA/SA-MP. Scripts, models etc.

I have 15 years of experience in modelling and texturing for GTA:SA, and 12 years of experience writing Lua for MTA:SA and I hope I would be able to fulfil any dreams or requirements you may have.

For any custom requests you can contact me on Discord @ messiahxadz#4163, thank you.