Molasses Suite. A joy ride of imagination. Author L.C. Teel's debut novel spills poetry, action, intrigue, and pure excitement all over the universe. Poetic ink, meets the stars, in this sci-phi action adventure. Molasses Suite Deuce Driver-Dragon Flyer's sixteenth birth day is about to put a whole new meaning to sweet sixteen. In this debut edition, Deuce finds himself face to face with beautiful women, danger, dragons, and diamonds. The Molasses Suite takes you on a joy ride of imagination. It leads you from corner to corner of the earth, and beyond. Deuce races to save a beautiful heiress of misfortune. He does battle to save the world as we know it, from various evil factions. They are all bent on obtaining, and controlling a mysterious ancient artifact, with deadly powers. Powers stretching beyond the realm of this entire universe. Join Deuce, Uno, and Team MVP in this first entry of more to come. As they frolic in many wild new adventures. While making the choices of a lifetime. TR3COAST ENTERTAINMENT/PUBLISHING COMPANY Houston, Texas, USA