Tanis T McRae - The Healing I

When asked, "What do you do?" Tanis always replies with, "Whatever it takes!" And it's true, she is fascinated by people's stories and dedicated to assisting them on their healing journey and her goal is to work her way through the 7 billion people on this planet until everyone creates their own personal feeling of happy. She is an innovative practitioner of the healing arts, with 10 years of experience helping people to take charge of their personal health and wellbeing. She employs an effective self-designed process that enables people to release emotional blocks and transform the dense energy of pain and trauma into the ability to enjoy happier, well-balanced lives. This process includes a lot of laughing and moments of pure silliness. Her 20 years of experience as a teacher also enables her to communicate her message in a clear, easily understood manner to clients of all ages because when we start learning something we are all Grade Ones at heart. Her workshops and private sessions provide people with an opportunity to learn her methods of self-healing and evolvement creating independence and sustained results. Tanis lives in Alberta, Canada