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About Me

Telleice Caraway is an International Best Selling Author, blogger, marriage counselor, certified lactation specialist, and co-founder of “Adding 2 God’s Gifts” (A2GG); a sports program, tailored to provide expert mentorship and pragmatic solutions in the lives of youths and young adults, while implementing the use of biblical principles.Having overcome a past life, filled with various traumas, Telleice is committed to the overall results found, in the application of facilitating proper mentorship for communal youth. She has helped many young women to overcome the harmful and destructive thoughts associated with suicidal attempts, helping them to understand the promise, of a life transformed by the love of Christ. Though Telleice is recognized for her outstanding contributions in business and the philanthropic community, she is most valued at home; as the wife of Michael Caraway, a mother of five beautiful children, and a mother of 2 loving grandchildren.

Telleice Caraway. Leader. Organizer. Servant