Tessa Kelly

Hello, I'm Tessa, a health, wellbeing and lifestyle influencer as well as full-time mum to baby Clara. I aim for totally relatable content, from experiences and advice on life as a first-time mum to staying on top of your own health and wellbeing. Knowing that as parents we all want the most practical and easy to follow adviceĀ I thought it might be a good idea to bring everything together into a book that I wished we might have had when we started weaning.

Wean, Eat, Grow gives you the no-nonsense, essential advice from the very best nutrition and medical experts in the field of weaning. Whilst my own experiences are set to help with the anxieties and endless questions that we all have when we first start as well as the desire for easy to follow recipes that make sure that the weaning process is enjoyable for both you and your baby.