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About Me

Thank you for coming to take a look at my site. My names Charlotte and I’m a stay at home mom. In my spare time I love painting and drawing but especially needle craft.

I have always been creative. I started embroidering at the age of 5 which means I’ve been doing embroidery for nearly 35 years. My favourite form of needle craft is Blackwork as I love the geometric patterns that can be created.


I decided to start designing coloured Blackwork embroidery designs as there wasn’t anything on the market that I wanted to stitch. When I started there were a few coloured designs but not many so I thought I could change that.

Each picture I design takes me many months to complete as I like to test stitch every one. Most of the designs I have stitched myself, however my Dad has stitch the steam trains as I have designed them for him with his help. My Mom has recently test stitched a few small designs for me which I will be adding to the store soon.