Marty Byk

Marty Byk is a long time Television Writer & Producer. He currently spends his time at Hallmark Channel and other family friendly ventures. "The Bug Barians®" began life as an idea for a children's animated series but the little buggers decided that they'd rather come out as a book instead. And how can you argue with a bunch of little bugs in Viking helmets? You can't. They can make things rather difficult if you get on their wrong side. Next, they had to conquer an true artist to bring them to life. That's where JoAnn DiMaggio came in. She dazzled The Bug Barians® with her talents and showed the tiny critter what they could really look like. In fact, she made them even better than they already were. They'll never admit it, but JoAnn not only captured The Bug Barians®, she conquered them. The Bug Barians® is the first of a trilogy of books that tell the tale of some crazy bugs who'll go anywhere and everywhere. And oh, will they. The bugs are impatiently waiting to see where Marty and JoAnn will take them next. Both promise that it will be spectacular. The Bug Barians® is a Trademark of Martin Byk and Bug Barians Ltd., LLC