Undisclosed Information

My experiment changed my life drastically, but felt like life sped up, and I’ve been catapulted into new fields of knowledge that fascinate me! But, that’s my “thing”, I like to know about stuff, I like to learn. That is what started my journey, how I got here; I wanted to learn about Land Development, and I was able to put my family name on an acre of land, then my entire life was wiped out, by seemingly unrelated incidents, incidents that did not seem to have anything to do with me, but left me destitute, unemployable, nearly dead at many times. A "friend", from the area where my subdivision was called me every month to see if I was "coming back", and, after several years of saying "No", mysteriously, my family name was removed from that subdivision. The Report is the result of practical study I've done since that time, as well as research from dozens of Teachers. What I learned horrified me! And I believe that the time has come to pierce the veil that is blinding so many to the point of their suffering.