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30 Printable New Home Affirmation Cards + Bonus Posters


30 Printable Daily Positive Affirmation Cards + Bonus Posters


About The Right Affirmations

Welcome to The Right Affirmations, your partner in harnessing the power of positive thinking through positive affirmations, meditation, and manifestation.

Lives have changed, and so can yours too.

If you are interested in turning your life around for the better and achieve more for yourself and your loved ones, The Right Affirmations is the place to get going.

My name is Karla Hanson, and along with a small team in The Right Affirmations, we are dedicated to creating uplifting videos and content that will help you relax your mind and channel positive energies in your life into meaningful purposes.

It is our belief that a powerful mindset can change lives, and we hope you can join us in our journey and make a positive change together in our lives.

Visit our website and download a free affirmations worksheet plus access to all our affirmations PDF too.