The Sustainable Housewife

The Sustainable Housewife is dedicated to helping you live a simple, happy, green and abundant life, in addition to being healthy and stress free! Mission My mission is to provide specific information and tools to enable individuals to make better life choices for their nutrition, fitness and overall health as well as the health of the environment, To motivate people into making a change and improve their lives and to continue my quest for knowledge, learning with the community as I go. Description Hi, I'm Lea 'The Sustainable Housewife'. I started developing an interest in all things green when I had a very sick pet. I began searching for answers outside of the medical field, natural alternatives, home remedies, holistic therapies etc. Unfortunately my beloved dog never fully recovered, but his quality of life was greatly improved and his time with us extended. My interests grew as I researched more and more. It was when I had my son in 2012 that I started focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also being cost efficient. I have also struggled a lot through life, from a very young age, with depression and anxiety. It was the quest for a cure that has ultimately lead me on this path. I am currently studying a Double Diploma in Business and Management and intend to follow on with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy with an interest in gaining qualifications in Meditation, Yoga and Fitness.