Think on Tees

Broken Wings is a collection of spiritual poems written over the years depicting the very real journey of one soul desperately trying to unshackle itself from its human constraints. My mind was filled with self-negating conditioned beliefs which kept dragging me further and further into the belly of the beast.

For so long it has been a personal story between me, the Universe and words inscribed upon pages capturing in real time Spirit’s journey in a human body. These words were a way of conceptualizing, acknowledging, understanding and releasing overwhelming emotional states through-out some very challenging years of my life.

Today I honor them more than I could ever imagine as in retrospect they paint an authentic, heart-warming and amazingly beautiful representation of soul desperately trying to adjust to human qualities. I am grateful for the experiences painful as they were, because their gifts are immeasurable; lessons learned and assimilated expand awareness. I went searching for God and found myself It’s time…
Let go
nerak ami