Our focus is on mental performance for athletes and non-athletes.

Maybe you have projects that you've always wanted to pursue. Our objective is to help you achieve and find balance.

We are here to focus on your goals. Together you will gain specific skills to enhance and optimize your strengths.

For athletes, we understand that you've put in the legwork in a physical capacity. Now it's time to strengthen your focus so that you can perform at your best at the gym or on the court. Or if you're injured, we will use techniques that will prepare you to get back onto the field stronger than your were before.

As an athlete, I understand how our mindset impacts our performance. As a Nationally-ranked figure skater (2007), I have experienced many injuries and understand how painful it can be with physical recovery and not being able to be on the ice and do what I loved.

I am here to assist you with your mental performance,  whether it's helping you work with your nerves or "stay in the zone". I get it. You've spent endless hours preparing and now it's about letting all that training come to fruition. I'm here to help you perform at your best when it counts.

For non-athletes, I understand the struggles related to work-life balance. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there's enough time in the day. We will work together and develop specific skills. By highlighting your strengths, we will anticipate and work through barriers that might interfere with this sense of balance and motivation. We are here to help you achieve your goals that you've always wanted to pursue.