Tiffany D Brown Creative

Helping professional women become successful with their passion projects is Tiffany D. Brown’s number one goal.

An experienced sales professional, Tiffany spent more than a decade honing her skills in the competitive world of corporate sales. Over that time she discovered the formula and perfected the art of closing the deal. And the missing piece of the puzzle she found for women in the workplace to close the deal is developing a professional image and style.

Now, as a speaker and coach, she helps women simplify the steps of going from personal to professional in communication and appearance. As a wife and mom of two young children, she understands the importance of being able to prepare yourself quickly. From how to do a 5-minute face, to fun style and fashion tips to transition from boss chick to soccer mom, she shares the important aspects of maintaining a look and image that is consistent with your goals.

Inspired to provide the kind of direction and guidance to others that she wishes she had for herself, Tiffany developed a system that demystifies the steps to success for women. Tiffany knows that even in the fight against societal stereotypes of beauty that image matters. Many will judge a person’s competence at a glance, and being well put together breaks down a barrier. Her process encourages millennial women with influence to conquer their dreams and to look good doing it.

Over 50,000 people seek Tiffany’s advice and tips on social media, on her website, and through “The P Word Podcast” that she hosts. Join them by following @tiffanydbrown_ on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.