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Who are you?

I'm Mocha! I'm a 22-year-old artist in the furry community who likes drawing and making bases a lot.

My Payhip is specifically for uploading all my bases that I've made. If you wanna find me elsewhere, check out my Carrd!

Are your bases free to use?

Pretty much everything here is free! Maybe in the future I'll upload some pay-to-use content, but for now all the stuff featured here can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Can I edit the line art of your bases?

Sure, feel free and have fun! Just please don't remove my signature and please give me credit for the original line art!

Can I take commissions on your bases?

Depends. All my bases here are free to use. Some are free to monetize, others don't allow it. Check the description of each base I upload, I always say whether they can be used for profit or not!

Can I use your bases for adopts?

Same as applies with commissions: it depends. Check the descriptions of each base I upload, I'll always say if you can use for profit or not.

Can I request bases?

Sure, but that's no guarantee. A lot of the bases I feature here are retired and I don't actively update them anymore.

I use requests more as a way to gauge what species and ideas are popular and in demand.