Ed Lukowich owner of Jepko Publishing Ltd.

Ed Lukowich is founder/author of TRILLION THEORY, with 6 books in the non-fiction cosmology series; all in paperback, ebook and PDF forms. Ed Lukowich, is a Canadian cosmology writer of a new enthralling non-fiction universe theory entitled Trillion Theory series, which consists of 6 book in the series, comprised of: Trillion Theory (1st book); Trillion Years Universe Theory (2nd book); Black Holes Built our Cosmos (3rd book); T Theory Says: Who Owns Our Universe (4th book) Spinning Black Hole Inside Our Earth (5th book) and Supermassive Ancient Galaxies (6th book; a summary book) in the completed Ed Lukowich cosmology series. Ed is also the author of a super futuristic sci-fi novel entitled The Trillionist (under pen name Sagan Jeffries) which depicts the despicable actions of an older-than-dirt entity which deviously manipulates its planet along a path to disaster. Ed is a former World and Olympian curler and National Coach turned sci-fi cosmology writer. See website www.trillionist.com for all of his cosmology and futuristic paperback books and e-books