ULanda Rochelle Hunter

ULanda Rochelle Hunter is a proud mother of three children and two grandchildren. She currently works for a nonprofit organization that supports families by way of providing mental health resources and strategies to navigate children service systems. ULanda sees her work as her ministry. 

Formerly a high school dropout, ULanda was able to beat all odds by furthering her education. On her journey she was able to secure a General Education Degree, Bachelors of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and lastly, a Master's of Science degree in Training & Development. In addition to her educational accomplishments, ULanda is a certified Parent Peer Supporter.

She serves as a facilitator for parents and youth support groups through training and technical assistance. ULanda also serves as a Christian women’s workshop coordinator and public speaker. One of ULanda's favorite scriptures is, Philippians 4:19 “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me”. This scripture empowers her with strength in the wake of trials and tribulations. 

Her spare time is filled with enjoying family, arts & crafts, traveling, being active in her community, with a primary focus on assisting  youth and women. ULanda provides life and spiritual coaching to others, which inspired her to launch her own coaching business, "Next Level Coaching: You live it, Learn from it".