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Boss Queens: The Stiletto Mafioso



Bestselling Author and poet Untamed brings about enlightenment and amusement through real-life, everyday stories with resonating characters. This Cum Laude graduate of UMUC attributes her passion for the literary arts to her magnet school education background, and she also obtained her certification in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University in 2020 to strengthen her business acumen in the literary industry. 

Her unique style of writing landed her awards such as the Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and UBAWA’s Top 100 Authors, and EyeCU Reading & Social Network’s Author of the Year and Book Series of the Year. 

In 2019, she embarked into podcasting and successfully runs the Get Caught Up Author Podcast, which garners thousands of listeners. Her creative talents afforded her opportunities as an interviewer and columnist with SWAG Magazine, an event columnist with Intellectual Ink Magazine, with Boss Magnet Media, and a multi-book deal with Urban Books and Black Odyssey Media. 

With Boss Magnet Media, she served as a production assistant for the film, Gutta Mamis: Money Bag Tales, and later became one of the co-writers and the co-producer for the film, Trap Soldiers, and in 2022, she served as producer for No Better Love and is slated to produce multiple film projects in 2023. 

Currently, she’s published 14 books and 2 anthologies with other works in the making under the Untamed brand and other pseudonyms. 

As an expert movie quoter with a hankering for the 90s, Untamed relishes family time with her husband and children with whom she resides in Georgia. She continues pushing the creative envelope—delivering unapologetically real and undeniably untamed content.