Upal Chakraborty

I’m Upal Chakraborty a professional communication coach and Content creator with more than over the last 17+ years in the education and training industry and serving several MNCs for approximately 20 years of experience as an employee simultaneously.

My mission is to guide the job-seekers who are struggling to get a good job and who deserves a good job yet not able to hit the bulls-eye.

 The purpose of this book is to discuss the types of job interviews, problems that a candidate faces during a job interview, factors that affect a job interview, factors which change the mood of an interview and factors that can change the decision of the interviewer in a job interview.  Moreover, I’ve added some tips and techniques which can provide excellent result if implemented properly.

Apart from that, I’ve worked hard to add some common interview questions, organization-specific job interview questions and some possible answer. I’m also working on integrating the job interview videos tips for common interview topics.