Vaughnn Rei Saplad

Vaughnn Rei Saplad was born in Manila, Philippines. An introvert type of guy who has his mother as his greatest critic, and who also labeled him as "someone who have not reached anything in his lifetime". His father was a tricycle driver and while his mother is an immigration officer. He was a college graduate with a bachelors degree in Information Technology at the Colegio De San Juan De Letran. When he graduated, he worked for one of the aspiring presidents in 2009 gaining the experience of working in a public office. After the election in 2010, he was employed by Citibank and worked as an analyst where he got his first ever promotion to a team lead position within five an a half years. In 2015, he left Citibank and worked for the Australia New Zealand (ANZ) Bank for 3 years where he was also promoted into a project management officer. Several months after his promotion, he was retrenched. He tried applying to more than 100 companies but no luck as he was unable to land a job. Realizing he was no longer welcome in the world of employment, he decided to build his own. It was then he wrote his first eBook "Get schooled outside school" as he saw that education was one of the pain-point of his country. He has the vision of helping people to unleash their maximum potential most especially those who can't send themselves in a school to get a formal education.