Vegan Up! - Siddhi Ghadi

Hello beautiful people!❤️

I am so excited to share my first vegan recipe ebook with all of you!🌱✨🥗💕🥑 🐾
The ebook itself is completely free to download, but it is connected to my NHS fundraising account that is helping doctors and patients during the COVID 19 pandemic crisis. You can donate any amount you want, and the proceeds will be directly recieved by the charity. Every tiny bit helps and you donation could help save and improve lives! 🌏☀️🌈♥️👩‍⚕️

Apart from that i do hope you'll enjoy this ebook and have fun experimenting in the kitchen with these recipes. You can tag me on instagram or facebook if you do try them!🍴

Sending love to everyone,
Siddhi Ghadi x