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'Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will make it his logo picture.'

A single blog post, a worksheet, or an infographic pin may solve a single design problem. But, if you can navigate through an entire design course and learn the basic design principles, then you'll find solutions to any design problem. It's all about the long term investment on you!

Hello, I'm Velvet Karatzas

Interior design is one of my true passions that surfaced very early on. I always took beauty quite seriously. It matters to me. It inspires me. It challenges me. It's been an intuitive knowledge to me that it gives me pleasure, ever since I can remember. I need beauty and beautiful surroundings. And although I studied civil engineering, I always knew that interior design was my calling. It is my way of making this tiny piece of my world more beautiful.

Thankfully, my civil engineering studies and experience taught me the discipline behind solving problems and the methodology in transforming ideas into real structures. I have the 'know how.' So in retrospect, it was a good place to start from.

Blogging about design came about as a need to share my knowledge in good hope to turn anyone to a better home decorator. Today, I teach curious, creative, and wonderful students. I help them unleash their imagination while putting design principles to good use in order to create happy and beautiful spaces to live in.

I would love to show you exactly how you can also become a more confident home decorator that will create your very own beautiful haven.

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