Verna E. MacKay

Verna did not set out to write books or poems, it was the farthest thing from her mind. She is someone many of you can identify with, who found herself in the same situation many of you are going through. The Lord assured her that all the gold and silver belongs to him, the cattle on a thousand hills are his, and he can be trusted to keep his promises. He promised he would supply all of her needs. She has to go through dark difficult days in order write this book, going through a dark tunnel and wonder if there is light at the end. Her faith was tested, and is still being tested as she learns to lean on the Lord for strength to make it day by day. She's in the fire, a place she does not want to be, and prays as she had never prayed before. Sometimes she wonders if God even hears her prayers, and why does he answer some and left some unanswered. There are many trials, but through it all God has been faithful, he has not abandoned her. She has made up her mind she is staying with Jesus all the way. Her main goal is to help others who are going through trials and hardship, to point them to a loving God, and to let them know there is a better world to come. To God be the glory, honor and praise.