Vervain Holistic Studios at White Mare Sanctuary, A Sisterhood of Mother Earth

In the House of Jacquemain, we practice our ancestral traditions of ancient, earth-centered European healing magic from our French-Swissan heritage. We are a non-profit ecclesiastical organization, White Mare Sanctuary, registered in the state of Michigan since 2002, where our Ecospiritual Priestesses teach, empower and ordain women as Priestesses of the Craft - as our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers did for us. Our studio, Vervain, is where we make artful magic happen: individualized earth-based success counsel and life coaching, intuitive Astrology with a touch of Tarot, Classes and Teachings, and beautifully handcrafted candles and artwork with our magical herbs, flowers and crystals to enhance your journey. We want you to experience the consciousness of the Universe as one involved in a conspiracy to assist you! And we know how to get you there :)