Violet Cross

My author name is Violet Cross, I'm from the UK and I've had a passion for reading and writing since primary school where I would ask my English teacher to assign me extra library work and review my cheesy short stories. I was a cool kid. I'd love to make a career out of writing; I admire so many authors for what they do and would love nothing more than one day being able to have amassed half the fan base they have. I love science-fiction, romance when I'm in the right mood, and fantasy. There are simply too many amazing authors out there for me to pick favourites, and honestly I've read too many books in my time to remember all of their names, which is a sign of my bad memory, not a reflection of their work. I get distracted a lot, which makes it hard to write sometimes. I'm very content in my own company which means I could quite happily hole up somewhere remote and live the rest of my days with one thousand books instead of cats. I hope people enjoy my writing, because at the end of the day that's all that really matters; that I enjoy writing and others enjoy reading what I write.