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Visual Reflexology

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Based on reflexology as a holistic bodywork therapy using Western anatomy and physiology, the Visual Reflexology ebook contains 30 chapters covering every aspect of footreading for reflexologists. What skin textures, lines, colours, muscle tension, dips and swellings, veins and capillaries, freckles, moles and marks, and toenail condition, tell us about the reflexes and a client's health & wellbeing.

The book includes hundreds of colour photos and images and is interactive, including multiple links and videos showing techniques based on what can be seen at the reflexes.

For more information about Visual Reflexology & Foot Reading go to Angela's website.

You will get a EPUB (18MB) file

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Sharon L.

4 months ago

Loved this book

I have loved reading and really value Angela Telford's Foot Reading eBook. My understanding of what is going on in the body when a pair of feet are presented to me is growing with every chapter.

Where Angela's book differs so much from the other foot reading material I have accessed is in giving greater consideration to physical issues. Angela explores them first before addressing the emotional aspects. This works well for me and has been invaluable in understanding and writing up my case studies.

She also includes techniques for addressing presenting issues which are really useful and which aren't found in other foot reading resources.

Carolyn Roberts (tutor Gaia S.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Great resource for reflexologists & reflexology students

My current student group have been loving using your eBook. It's a fantastic resource and I 100 percent recommend it to reflexologists and students.
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