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Viva Lewis is a lover of God, mother of three, and grandmother of two. She is the owner of Viva Shaliek, a high-end clothing/fashion brand that incorporates ministry, prayer, and transformational coaching; while creating masterpieces for her clients. Viva is an author and hosts the Sew Chronicles podcast; that is available on many major podcast platforms.

When asked her “why”, Viva passionately shares, “I want to positively impact the life of EVERY person I encounter.” While led by the Holy Spirit in her life and business, Viva focuses on continuing to fine tune all of her God given gifts.

From successfully putting on a fashion show to effectively teaching sewing classes, Viva works diligently to show others that the word “can’t” does not exist.

Her motto is “HIS MASTERPIECE, my hands” in everything she does. Viva currently reside in NC as she continues to minister to others through all of her God given gifts.