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About Me - Louise Blackburn

I am passionate about singing, music and community. Being a choir leader is an absolute dream come true for me and I try to ensure that my groups are friendly and fun. 

Musical Director of the thriving Voices Entwined.

Masters Degree in Music

Trained with the British Lung Foundation as a singing for breathing leader.

Qualified music and workshop leader with Quench Arts.

​Qualified Arts Award Advisor.

​Psychology and Sociology Graduate.

​Teacher at the Howling Wolves Community Choir Festival.

​Teacher at the Community Choir Festival 2020

Workshop leader for yoga and singing at the Beardy Folk Festival 2021

Postgraduate Certificate in Social Care

​Qualified Yoga instructor

​Qualified Sound Therapist

​Training to be a Forest Bathing Guide (Shinrin Yoku)


My name is Louise Blackburn of Entwined Voices. As a songwriter and composer, my work centres around creating music that celebrates the natural world and the joy of singing and humanity.

Through my work with choirs and singing groups, I have seen firsthand how music can bring people together and create a sense of community.

I offer a range of services, including choir leadership and workshop facilitation. I strive to help people discover the transformative power of music and the joy that comes from singing together.

My choirs and workshops are open to singers of all levels.

One of my specialties is writing 3 to 4-part harmonies, which can add depth and richness to a choir's sound. Many of my songs have been performed by choirs and singing groups all over the world, and I am thrilled to see that they have become beloved additions to many choirs' repertoires. If you're interested in hearing some of my compositions, you can find them on my Spotify account or on youtube.

Overall, my goal is to create music that inspires, uplifts, and brings people together. I am passionate about sharing the joy of singing with others, and I believe that music has the power to connect us all in a meaningful way.


Entwined Voices