WASITGOODFORYOU is an encyclopaedia, map, maze, collection and platform for discussing all things sex.  Using the mouthpiece of art!

It begun online 5 years ago,  through my own lack of understanding on how to put words to feelings and experiences in the sex arena. There were the terms, learnt in minimal sex education. However the ins and outs ( pardon the pun) could find no place on my tongue.

Sex is a difficult topic and with the tides of history, has been simplified, then made even more difficult, then simplified over and over again. It is neither of these things. Sometimes one feeling is simple and the rest, chaotic, and vice versa. Sex is often unexplainable. Its never just a cheap shag, and as we all know sex isn’t even about sex!

WASITGOODFORYOU is here to display a crystal cave of feelings and experiences via the medium of storytelling, conversation, illustration etc. With the belief that by using your own talent,  it often demystifies or makes sense of the thing at hand.

WASITGOODFORYOU also aims to shake the outdated idea that it is TABOO. We must allow ourselves the freedom to discuss its marvellous foundations.

   A Huge thanks to all artists involved and to the designer of this book, Jake Maccy, who poured nectar all over my ideas and made them tangible. Another cheers to my mother, who has been the rock with crimson hair.